Hannity Panel Blows Up Over Black Lives Matter: Obama Should Apologize to the Cops!

hannity panelSean Hannity and his panel tonight got into a vicious shouting match over President Obama, Black Lives Matter, and the Dallas police shooting tonight, with Hannity declaring that the president should apologize to the cops for giving legitimacy to the “radical” movement.

Hannity said that throughout Obama’s eight years, “he rushes to judgment without any facts” and weighs in on issues like Ferguson and Baltimore, but has avoided Chicago. He and Bo Dietl were outraged Obama doesn’t show the same outrage at the deaths of police officers.

But what really got Hannity steamed was when Daryl Parks said that the Black Lives Matter protesters “deserve praise.” Hannity asked, “The people who say ‘we want dead cops’?!” He fought both Parks and Rivera over Ferguson and Obama selectively choosing certain narratives.

Dietl told Rivera that there’s only a few bad apples in police departments. Rivera said the same can be said for Black Lives Matter “jerkoffs” and they went off again.

Rivera proposed Obama be a “healer-in-chief” in Dallas tomorrow, and Hannity cries, “How about he apologizes to cops?!”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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