Hannity Panel Fights Over Oprah’s Trayvon Remarks, Hannity Admits ‘I Like Her’ But…

Sean Hannity continued to express his disappointment tonight with Oprah Winfrey for her comments comparing Trayvon Martin‘s case to Emmett Till‘s, saying that he personally likes and admires the daytime talk show host but found these racially-charged remarks of hers to be discouraging. Niger Innis found her remarks to be a “disservice to the civil rights revolution,” while Jehmu Greene insisted both of them were misunderstanding what Winfrey said.

Hannity couldn’t believe Winfrey was seriously comparing the Martin case to an “evil atrocity.” Innis admitted to having a lot of sympathy for the Martin family, and while he didn’t like Winfrey’s comparison, he did credit her for talking about the progress America has made in the past 50 years.

Greene shot back that Winfrey wasn’t comparing the two cases specifically, just saying she was comparing “the way they resonated within the civil rights community, the way they resonated in America around civil rights issues.” When she scolded Hannity for calling Winfrey a “race-baiter,” Hannity insisted, “I never said that!”

Innis noted how a huge majority of people, even Democrats, believe the “American Dream is dead,” saying there is a “crisis of confidence” that the U.S. will need to overcome.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:


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