Hannity Panel Gets Heated Over Syria: ‘Either You Go Into a War to Win, or You Don’t Go In!’


As far as Pat Buchanan‘s concerned, President Obama‘s team has absolutely no idea what it’s doing in Syria. He told Sean Hannity on Monday night that the Obama administration cannot say one day that Assad is like Hitler and then downplay military action against him as “unbelievably small.”

Buchanan and Hannity mocked Obama’s “forward fumble,” with Hannity asking how Kerry could possibly call the attack “unbelievably small.” Democratic strategist Mark Hannah told Hannity Kerry “was being honest with the American people,” arguing for Syrian strikes to “maintain America’s credibility in the world.”

Buchanan pointed out something very wrong with how Kerry has been selling the seriousness of the situation.

“Secretary Kerry said we’re dealing here with Adolf Hitler and our response is going to be unbelievably small. I was a kid during World War II, and as I remember George Patton, his response was not unbelievably small.”

Hannah shot back that public opinion was divided before World War II, just like with Syria, and “if we listened to public opinion polls, we’d all be speaking German now.” He fought with Buchanan over the WWII comparison, before Buchanan eventually declared, “Either you go into a war to win, or you don’t go in!”

Hannah insisted that anti-war Republicans like Rand Paul will be judged “pretty harshly” by history, while Hannity said Kerry just sounds “idiotic.”

MH- what about “thoughtful Republicans” like Boehner and Cantor?, history will judge people like Rand Paul “pretty harshly”

SH- what about attacking Iran, Kerry sounds “idiotic here”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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