Hannity And Guests Get In Shoutfest Over Obama Administration ‘Authorizing’ IRS Tea Party Targeting

Sean Hannity hosted a heated panel tonight on whether the Obama White House actually authorized the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups.

After playing video ofJay Carney voicing “confidence” that no one from the White House knew about unethical IRS action, Tea Party radio host Dana Loesch came out swinging, slamming Jay Carney’s “dancing” as not enough to direct suspicion away from President Obama, while also claiming that this was a political power play by Obama.

Liberal radio host Leslie Marshall agreed that the IRS deserves punishment, no matter which political party they go after, but slammed giving tax exempt status to any group that’s “political in nature” since they are not following the law.

Hannity fired back at her, asking why those on the left can’t be honest “for the sake of every American” about their own political targeting. Marshall pointed to the fact that the president has already vehemently spoken out against this, and out of nowhere lightened the mood by offering Loesch a surfboard:

“Dana, you know I like you, but I am going to buy you a surfboard because you’re riding a wave of conspiracy.”

Loesch missed the wave, screaming “how is it a conspiracy theory,” as the segment ended.

Watch the segment courtesy of Hannity:

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