Hannity Panel: Obama’s ‘Involvement With The Black Panther Movement’ Merits A Look

On tonight’s Hannity, host Sean Hannity and his guests took a look at something of a seedy underbelly of the Trayvon Martin story– the calls for violence from fringe groups that have attached themselves to the story to make noise, namely the New Black Panther Party. Their “hate speech” unaccounted for, the panel expressed concern about the ties between the President and this group.

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Hannity began the segment by playing guests David Webb and Deneen Borelli clips from the New Black Panther Party radio, and quoting them using words like “honkeys, crackers, pigs.” “They are getting away with this hate speech and inciting violence,” Borelli argued, noting that “Obama spoke with the Black Panthers during the election,” and that his “involvement with the Black Panther movement” was something to look into. Webb defined “terrorism” and compared the definition to the activity of the NBPP, urging, “let’s take them for what they are.” They also condemned the Neo-Nazi groups reported to have sprung up in Sanford, and Webb specifically attacked Attorney General Eric Holder for being silent on the matter, arguing he “opened the door for every idiot group to go down there.”

The segment via Fox News below:

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