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Hannity Panel On Black-Only Homerooms: Is This Segregation?

A public high school with a serious success rate issue has turned to putting its black students in separate homerooms to give them specialized counseling in the morning. While the school claims to be “enriching experiences through mentoring,” the uncomfortable similarity between this and school segregation has Sean Hannity‘s panel incensed, looking for a possible solution that don’t possibly violate landmark Supreme Court rulings.

While Hannity expressed his displeasure with the idea, he let his panel– the New York Civil Rights Coalition’s Michael Myers and Fox News Contributor Deneen Borelli— duke it out amongst themselves. Borelli admitted to initially being infuriated by the idea but, upon further inspection, coming to an understanding that if “no one is being harmed and no one is being denied,” there is no reason for uproar. “It’s a volunteer program,” she explained, at a school whose black students were grossly underperforming. Myers had none of this explanation, calling the idea of segregation in any manifestation “unacceptable” and, in the event that the idea was good-natured, “racial idiocy” that proves “paternalism doesn’t work.” To Myers, “teaching black kids that they’re supposed to be black and white kids that they’re supposed to be white” was a dangerous precedent, though Borelli did not see the program like that at all but, rather, an attempt to link underperforming students to mentors to which they could more easily relate without feeling horrible.

The discussion via Fox News below:

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