Hannity Provides Mueller ‘Tutorial’ for Republicans, Lists Dozens of Questions for Them to Ask


Sean Hannity gave a “tutorial” to Republicans on what to ask Robert Mueller Tuesday night, and he threw out dozens and dozens of questions for them.

Hannity specified he’s not talking to the more experienced Republicans on the committees, but to ones who might not be as caught up on these issues.

He advised Republicans to ask quick, succinct questions, and just keep moving on if Mueller refuses to answer.

The massive list of questions included:

“If you have classified top secret information on a private server, does that violate the Espionage Act?”

“Mr. Mueller, when did you first hear about the phony Clinton bought and paid for Russian dossier full of Russian lies? When did you first hear about it it?”

“If Russia collusion was your mandate, how is it possible you didn’t investigate campaign opp research bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton, filled with Russian lies?… Why not at least refer to another office for further investigation, like you did with Cohen and taxi medallions?”

“Did you ever read Licensed to Lie by Sidney Powell, that talks about [Andrew] Weissman’s god-awful horrific track record of withholding exculpatory evidence? Were you aware of that? When were you aware of that?”

“When did you become aware that your team was only made up of big-time Democratic owners and zero Republicans?”

“At what point in your investigation did you realize there was no collusion or conspiracy? Why did the investigation continue after you learned the fundamental truth of what you are investigating?”

“Does the president have the authority under article two to fire an FBI director? Or even you? Did he not have the constitutional authority to fire you, Mr. Mueller, if he decided to do so?”

“Is it fair to say, Mr. Mueller, that you’re friends with, Jim Comey? Were you angry at his firing, Mr. Mueller?”

“Are you proud of the way you and your team treated George Papadopoulos and had foreign spies looking into him and that exculpatory things that he said were apparently withheld? Are you aware of that?”

“What about your treatment and your team’s treatment of lieutenant general Michael Flynn? Well, General Flynn served this country. He was a combat veteran. 33 years. Apparently he has been cooperating with your office for a period of time. Is that correct, sir? He pled guilty to lying, but the FBI agents interviewing him, he didn’t think they lied. Right?… Do you believe in Miranda rights? Do you think it’s a right way to treat a 33-year veteran of this country, sir? Would you treat a veteran like that?”

And when Hannity was done with his questions, he rattled off a lot more from Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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