Hannity Responds to John Heilemann Taking a Shot at Him: ‘You Can’t Handle the Truth’

Fox News’ Sean Hannity responded to John Heilemann taking a shot at him. Hannity started off on Friday night by saying he was giving the award for the “most hysterical meltdown of the week” to Heilemann from “conspiracy TV” MSNBC.

He then rolled the clip of Heilemann talking about him after seeing a clip of the Fox News host insisting that “fake news” got it wrong about the Mueller investigation.

“Have we gotten it wrong?” Brian Williams asked Heilemann in the clip Hannity aired.

Heilemann first lightly chided Williams for bringing him in and serving him up a “big fat steaming plate” of Hannity.

Then, he said this: “There is a phrase. People talk about a pig in — that’s Sean right now. He’s happy as a pig in…”

After the clip ended, Hannity suggested that, in fact, Heilemann should be thanking him.

“But. John, first of all, look in the mirror. Maybe you should be thanking me for informing the public with the truth as you were pushing lie after lie and conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory,” Hannity said. “You shouldn’t be surprised. You can’t handle the truth. Because you were one of the main perpetrators of this hoax and Russian collusion therapy.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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