Hannity Responds to ‘Low-Life’ Alec Baldwin, Airs Old Audio of Them Sparring: He’s a ‘Very Angry Man’


Fox News host Sean Hannity aired old footage of him trolling “low-life” Alec Baldwin during his stint as a guest radio talk show host in response to the actor’s recent attacks against him on The Howard Stern Show.

“Crazy Alec Baldwin — very angry man. Becoming more and more unhinged,” Hannity began, before playing a clip from last week where Baldwin called Hannity an “untalented idiot” whose opinions are like those of “a Long Island working class buffoon.”

“If I’m so dumb, if what I do on radio and TV is so easy, why have you failed a cable TV news show and a network show and you and I both know you wanted to work in talk radio?” Hannity continued.

The top cable news host proceeded to play clips from Baldwin’s stint hosting talk show programs at stations in New York and Philidelphia, the first of which featured an exchange between the two from 2006

“Alec, I wanted to give you an official WABC welcome, considering you were supposed to come on my program and you didn’t show up, what happened?” Hannity said as he called into Baldwin’s show.

“No, I wasn’t supposed to come on your program. I would not dream of coming on your program Sean Hannity,” Baldwin replied. “Why would I want to come on the show? With a no talent former construction worker hack like you?”

Conservative talk radio giant Mark Levin was also on the call with Hannity, during which he asked Baldwin, “Are you 40 or 50-pounds overweight now?”

After airing the clip, Hannity played the end of the segment where “Baldwin got so angry, he… walked out of his own talk show.”

In the second old clip Hannity aired, Baldwin — who currently hosts a radio interview show on WYNC — can be heard repeatedly asking if there are callers waiting on the line when there are none.

“Let’s read some more about Scientology. Is Sean Hannity a Scientologist? ” Baldwin said after realizing no one called in. “Alec Baldwin posing the big questions tonight here. Do we have any calls here — none? Boy, it’s just incredible.”

Hannity concluded the segment on a personal note, attacking “low-life” Baldwin for displays of anger against his daughter and a TV reporter.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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