Hannity Responds to Mediaite Column By Giving James Comey Until Noon to Accept Interview Invite


Fox News host Sean Hannity offered James Comey an interview ultimatum: respond to him by noon on Tuesday if the former FBI Director wants to appear on his show to make the case that the agency committed no wrongdoings when they began their probe into Donald Trump’s campaign and its ties to Russia.

The cable news kingpin fired off the tweet in response to a column by Mediaite founding editor Colby Hall urging Comey to appear on Hannity after the former top FBI official accused Fox & Friends of cancelling his Tuesday morning interview. Comey claimed the appearance was canned after the Justice Department’s inspector general released a report on the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation showing that the FBI harbored no political bias when launching the probe; though, the IG report did note that the FBI mishandled their FISA court warrant against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page by citing the malicious and questionably sourced Steele dossier to justify the surveillance request.

“My offer is NOT hyperbole. 4 on air hours,” Hannity wrote to Comey in a series of tweets. “Neither Steele nor his single ‘sub source’ stood behind the dossier. Steele had stated under oath he had no idea if any of the contents were true. The sub source said none of the information was designed to be used.”

“He has until noon today to accept my invitation as I have 4 hours of content to prepare,” the Fox News host added. “Don’t hold your breath.”

Hannity’s interview offer came a day after Comey took to Twitter to accuse Fox & Friends of spiking his scheduled appearance on the Fox News morning show, a claim that a network spokesperson has denied.

Hannity responded to the controversy by offering his platform to the former FBI director.

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