Hannity Spikes Football Over Kim Jong Un Announcement: ‘Little Rocket Man Blinks’


Following the announcement by a South Korean delegation that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un wants to meet with President Donald Trump while indicating North Korea is open to denuclearization — and Trump stating that the meeting is now being planned — Fox News’ Sean Hannity praised the developments as a “huge foreign policy win” for Trump.

“Little rocket man blinks,” Hannity gloated, using the president’s favorite nickname for the North Korean leader. “Now the president’s tough rhetoric, his bold action, his severe sanctions they appear to be working tonight.”

Hannity proceeded to deliver a monologue in which he tore into the mainstream media and liberals for doubting Trump while seemingly declaring victory when it comes to the tensions with North Korea.

“The media liberals are looking like complete fools tonight because they are once again turning out to be completely wrong about President Trump,” the Fox News host exclaimed. “The commander-in-chief’s leadership is now leading to a major foreign policy breakthrough as it relates to North Korea. This is what we call peace through strength in action. The president is causing little rocket man to back down.”

After stating that Trump forced Kim to capitulate while claiming that the proposed meeting is a “good start,” Hannity played clips of the president insulting the North Korean dictator while threatening him with “fire and fury.”

This was followed by the conservative commentator criticizing previous attempts by Democratic presidents to negotiate with North Korea, explicitly calling Bill Clinton “dumb” and “gullible.”

Hannity ended his remarks by saying he doesn’t trust Kim Jong Un or North Korea, but Trump’s strength made the meeting possible and he is confident the president won’t “strike a bad deal.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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