Hannity Supports Trump For Invoking His Name During Anti-Iraq War Debate Claims

hannitySean Hannity was the first to encounter Donald Trump after his first face-off with Hillary Clinton, and the Fox host was positively gushing about the mogul’s performance.

The two discussed numerous issues that came up in the debate, not the least of which was their mutual disapproval for Clinton’s approach on jobs and confronting ISIS. Eventually, the conversation reached how Trump kept on invoking Hannity’s name in order to claim that he talked with him in the past about not actually being for the Iraq War back in 2002 (which Trump was).

“Do you know how many times we had conversations about that,” Hannity remarked. “And you told me I was wrong in fairness… you did tell me over and over again I was wrong and we had passion, but it was a respectful debate.”

“I didn’t know it would be managed so poorly,” Trump said. “but I felt it was something that had to be discussed because I was against the war in Iraq.”

The two of them proceeded to blast Clinton after she painted Trump as a sexist towards the end of the debate, as well as for attacking him over the birther controversy that he perpetuated for years.

Watch above, via Fox.

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