Hannity Tears Into Jeff Sessions: Did a ‘Tremendous Disservice’ to Trump


Fox News host Sean Hannity used the top of his Fox News show on Thursday to tear into Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“Less than one month after being sworn in, the Attorney General Jeff Sessions abandoned his post, completely recused himself from all things Russia and Hillary,” Hannity began. “This has been a tremendous disservice to the president and the country that he serves.”

With a graphic reading “Absentee Attorney General” he then claimed President Donald Trump has lost “confidence” in Sessions.

“The president clearly has lost confidence in the attorney general,” Hannity continued on. “Frankly, based on his comments today, the attorney general doesn’t seem to like the president, either.”

He pointed out that, of course, Trump could fire Sessions, but . knows he wouldn’t get a “fair shake” because of the Russian probe.

“The president, he does have the absolute power to fire the attorney general. But the president also knows, politically, because of the Mueller witch hunt and everything that has ensued, he is not going to get a fair shake and the media will go absolutely nuts, the Democrats will go insane,” Hannity opined.

Finally, after accusing Sessions of being incapable of understanding “a massive double standard that has emerged in America,” he implored, “Mr. Attorney General, speak to us. Do you care?”

Watch above, via Fox News

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