Hannity Tears Into ‘Poor’ Wolf Blitzer For ‘Toeing the Company Line’ of CNN’s ‘Faux Hysteria’

Towards the end of his show on Thursday night, Sean Hannity continued his attacks on CNN.

The Fox News host claimed that a new narrative was being pushed by “Chicken Little” himself, CNN President Jeff Zucker.

“Sadly, even longtime host Wolf Blitzer– of all people! Now he’s toeing the company line and sounding an imaginary alarm about President Trump and his treatment of the press,” he began.

He played a clip of “Poor” Wolf Blitzer’s “freakout” when he said Trump’s attacks on the media are “very harsh” and “potentially very dangerous,” and claimed that the CNN pundits have to pretend that the freedom of the press is in danger if they want to keep their jobs.

Hannity then turned to Jim Acosta, who he says is almost as “unhinged” as “Liberal JoeScarborough. and showed a clip of him say “we’re witnessing an erosion of our freedoms.”

“I’m so sorry,” Hannity said as he wiped away his fake tears. “Maybe you just need a hug!”

After addressing others wrapped up in CNN’s “faux hysteria,” he took his aim at Zucker, who he accused of being in hiding.

“Jeff, I’ll invite you on the program,” he added. “You can come on my show, give you a full half-hour. We’ll talk about your network and the things said on your network.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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