Hannity: The Media Exploited Nunberg, Used Him as ‘Tool to Attack’ Trump


Sean Hannity opened his show Tuesday night accusing the media of “exploiting” Sam Nunberg so they could use him to attack President Trump.

He ran a montage of some of the crazier moments from Nunberg’s interviews yesterday to show “just how despicably low the Hate-Trump Media will go at every cost to try and damage this president.”

After showing the clip of CNN’s Erin Burnett asking Nunberg if he’s drunk, Hannity said maybe she shouldn’t have put him on the air.

“They didn’t care this guy was literally melting down on national television,” Hannity charged, “because they were using him as a tool to attack the Trump administration. It didn’t matter if Nunberg wasn’t making any sense, that he contradicted himself, or perhaps intoxicated, because the media saw this as an opportunity to attack the president and they seized on it just like they always do.”

He said in the meantime, they missed a lot of important news like the “real Russia collusion.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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