Hannity: The Press Used Charlottesville ‘To Bludgeon The President and Conservatives Politically’


Sean Hannity gave a full-throated defense of President Trump for his reaction to the Charlottesville violence that didn’t condemn the white nationalists by name.

The Fox News host read Trump’s initial Twitter reaction of the chaos, which was made before James Fields Jr. drove his car into a crowd that left one dead and 19 injured.

He then played the clip of Trump condemning “the hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides” and went after the “Destroy Trump Media.”

“All weekend long, I, like many of you, watched the media going insane, acting like they didn’t know what the president was talking about,” Hannity stated. “They ran with a false narrative all weekend! Oh, big story, he didn’t mention the groups by name. Well, it couldn’t be more obvious, more transparent who the president was talking about. He was standing for equal justice under the law against racism.”

He went on to accuse the press of using a “high-profile act of violence to bludgeon the president and conservatives politically.”

“It was crystal clear what the president was talking about, but the press- they went after him anyway,” he continued. “They didn’t care about the violence seemingly, or the racial tensions they’re creating, or the civil unrest as much as they cared about using this tragedy as an opportunity to attack people they disagree with and in particular the president to try and inflict as much damage politically as possible.”

Hannity then accused the media of ignoring Trump’s previous condemnations of white supremacists and the KKK and pointed to his numerous statements “over the years” condemning them after he couldn’t immediately condemn the endorsement of former KKK grand wizard David Duke during the election as well as an old clip of Trump calling Duke a “bigot” and a “racist” back in 2000.

“President Trump and the people that voted for him and support his agenda- they don’t like racists!” Hannity exclaimed. “They don’t like bigots. They don’t like what went down in Charlottesville.”

Hannity pivoted to Democrats’ history of race-baiting including President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Al Gore and slammed the media for not covering Obama’s “racist” long-time reverend, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan‘s endorsement of his campaign.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.


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