Hannity to Kayleigh McEnany: Trump Doesn’t Need the Media, ‘Waste of Time’ for Him to Talk to These People


Fox News’ Sean Hannity spoke with White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany about the media Monday night and told her that the president doesn’t really need the media and that it’s a “waste of time” for him to engage.

Hannity referenced a report in The New York Times on how she has taken the “adversarial posture” seen in the last few people to hold the job “to a new level” in her attacks on the press. Hannity told McEnany she should consider this a badge of honor.

Both Hannity and McEnany ripped the Times over things like the Pulitzers the Times received for its Russia coverage and Tom Cotton’s op-ed.

At one point Hannity talked about how the media landscape is changing and said Trump “doesn’t need” the press. “You don’t really have to talk to these people anymore. I don’t think the president needs to ever argue with them again. It’s a waste of time.”

“You’re exactly right, and that’s what drives them nuts, Sean,” McEnany said, telling Hannity they’re doing the bidding of liberals and that it drives them crazy Trump goes around them to talk to the American people.

As they wrapped the interview, Hannity talked up Trump’s accomplishments and again said, “Can you now just totally bypass them and really not even have to talk to them — except, I mean, I guess it’s good that you go in there, you all have a nice chat every day, it gets entertaining. But I don’t think the president needs the media and I think that the minute he’s gone, they’re out of business.”

McEnany agreed and touted the ratings for the president’s briefings about the coronavirus pandemic.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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