Hannity Unleashes on ‘Spy Gate’ Doubters: ‘Shame on Trey Gowdy’


Sean Hannity took aim at Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) over his recent remarks that tamped down the hype over “Spy Gate.”

Gowdy, who attended a briefing at the White House regarding the FBI’s use of an informant on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum this week that the FBI did what Americans “would want them to do,” perhaps expressing subtly that there was no evidence of wrongdoing in the informant who spoke with members of the Trump campaign.

Well now, another Fox News host is letting him have it.

Even before giving his opening monologue, Hannity said that Gowdy “apparently doesn’t get it” and insisted that he’s “actually defending the FBI’s use of spies in its overall investigation into Russian collusion.”

“We’ll tell Trey Gowdy why he’s wrong,” Hannity told his viewers.

Numerous times during his SpyGate-themed monologue, Hannity dinged the House Oversight Committee Chairman.

“I listened to Chairman Gowdy today, who I frankly agree with on a lot of issues,” Hannity continued. “He tried to play down the president — who is rightly calling Spy Gate.”

During a panel with Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett and pro-Trump attorney Joe DiGenova, Hannity further expressed his frustrations towards Gowdy.

“And what about this phony narrative — and frankly, I’ve always liked Trey Gowdy. Shame on Trey Gowdy,” Hannity said.

“Oh please, don’t even bring up Trey Gowdy,” DiGenova reacted. “That idiotic comment he made last night and this morning that everything was done by the book — this is ludicrous! ”

Watch the clips above, via Fox News.

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