Hannity: ‘We Should Put CNN Six Feet Underground’ Because It ‘Lied Itself To Death’


On Wednesday night, Sean Hannity continued his attacks on CNN and had a message for CNN’s president Jeff Zucker.

“At this point,” he began, “we should put CNN six feet underground for repeatedly spreading lies, propaganda, black helicopter tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, and for viciously trying to take down this president.”

He showed an image of CNN’s gravestone that read “Lied itself to death.”

The Fox News host pointed out the numerous controversies that have hit CNN, including Kathy Griffin‘s photo shoot, Reza Aslan‘s tweet, CNN’s retracted Russia story, and Project Veritas’s videos showing CNN commentator Van Jones and a CNN producer dismissing the Trump-Russia narrative.

Hannity then took aim at Zucker, who he claims is “leading all the fake news circus at CNN.” but quickly changed his tone.

“Tonight, I’m going to be doing Jeff Zucker a favor,” he stated.

He then addressed Zucker directly.

“Hey Jeff,” Hannity continued, “you want to restore any sense of credibility at your network, you need to stop trying to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump.”

“Here’s my advice, Jeff,” he added. “Start focusing on the six massive scandals that should really be investigated but are not being reported by your network.”

He then listed former FBI Director James Comey admitting he leaked his memo to the press, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch interfering in the Clinton email investigation, all of Hillary Clinton‘s scandals, President Obama keeping quiet about Russia meddling in the election, the unmasking of Gen. Michael Flynn, and the conflict of interests of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“Maybe it’s time to step up,” Hannity concluded, “and instead of publishing fake, misleading, flat-out false news, maybe it’s time to tell the American people the truth. Do some real reporting.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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