‘Hard To Watch’: Morning Joe Takes On Romney Interview That ‘Reeks Of The Bitterness And The Regret’

While the Romneys have been “dignified” since their defeat, Morning Joe panelist Nicolle Wallace said on Monday, their interview with Chris Wallace was “hard to watch.” It takes a long time to get over a presidential loss, they agreed, and this one is still “raw.”

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Mitt Romney did spend his life helping people, but “you never really got that out,” Joe Scarborough remarked. “He did also double down on that 47 percent thingamabobber after he lost the race as well. Most unfortunate. He’s a good guy.”

Wallace, who was the communications director for President George W. Bush, made the oft-cited comparison to a “car crash,” noting that we can’t look away from losing candidates and campaigns. We know we should keep going, “but we still turn and look.”

“The Romneys are trying — have been dignified in defeat, but I think whenever you come out and talk about what went wrong, there’s just — it sort of wreaks of the bitterness and the regret,” she said. “It’s hard to watch.”

Ann Romney, Mika Brzezinski chimed in, “was so poorly handled.”

“She’s still angry,” Wallace replied. “It takes years to get over losing a presidential campaign,” this loss is “still pretty raw.” It’s “hard to watch,” she reiterated, “you know, especially the family. Especially Ann Romney.”

Take a look, via MSNBC:

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