comScore Harris Faulkner and Dem Rep. Go at It in Fiery Battle Over Russia Probe: ‘You’re Just Outshouting Me!’

Harris Faulkner and Dem Rep. Go at It in Fiery Battle Over Russia Probe: ‘You’re Just Outshouting Me!’

If one were to list all the personalities in cable news who are likely to mix it up with their guests — and may, in fact, delight in doing so — Harris Faulkner of Fox News would surely rank near the bottom. But you wouldn’t know it from watching Faulkner’s intense battle with a Democratic Congressman on Monday afternoon.

In a fiery debate over the Russia probe on Outnumbered Overtime, Faulkner went at it with Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI). After the Congressman stated that the Russia probe has impeded the country’s progress because the “White House…is consumed with the investigation,” Faulkner interjected and pushed back.

“You’re saying the White House is consumed with this investigation?” Faulkner said, incredulously. “The president put out how many millions of dollars there have been spent, and there’s no evidence of collusion.”

Cicilline replied that Faulkner can’t say for certain that there’s no evidence, as plenty of information has not yet been released to the public — a point Faulkner conceded was “fair.” But the battle reached a fevered pitch when Cicilline went a step further and said, “there is ample evidence that there was collusion between the campaign and the Russians.”

“No,” Faulnker said. “Actually, if that were the case we’d be hearing that at this point.”

The two then squabbled for several minutes over who has been more preoccupied with the Russia investigation — the White House or Capitol Hill. And after a lengthy back-and-forth in which both Faulkner and Cicilline raised their voices, the Fox News host had clearly had enough.

“You’re just outshouting me,” Faulkner said. “And that doesn’t count!”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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