comScore Harris Faulkner Scolds Trump Critics After Speech: ‘They Don’t Care About Americans’

Harris Faulkner Scolds Trump Critics After Speech: ‘They Don’t Care About Americans’

As Fox’s Harris Faulkner reacted to Donald Trump‘s speech against racism, she denounced the president’s detractors by saying they are not on the same side of Americans.

Earlier today, the president delivered his strongest remarks yet to condemn white supremacy after racial hostilities led to injury and the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. The cast of Outnumbered reviewed Trump’s words after the speech, and today’s #OneLuckyGuy Charlie Hurt said the speech was “very strong, very good,” but would “sadly” not quiet the president’s critics.

Hurt said Trump’s remarks would be a “wonderful last word” about racial tension in America, and Faulkner followed up by saying critics who attack Trump now do not care about their countrymen.

“I would say this about the president’s critics as a whole. If nothing will quiet them, than they don’t have America in their sights. They don’t care about us. They don’t care about Americans. And shame on them. They need to step aside and let justice be done. Because if there is going to be justice, it’s going to take all of us together.”

The panel went on to praise Trump for presenting his economic accomplishments in his speech, as well as the indications that Chief of Staff John Kelly is having an impact on the president’s words. Abby Huntsman said Trump’s speech was commendable for the way in which he condemned the white supremacists in Charlottesville while calling for equality and togetherness.

Huntsman went on to lament that Trump’s speech is bound to face criticism and politicization despite the contents of his words.

“If the critics cannot accept anything ever, ever, ever,” Faulkner replied, “they are not on our side as Americans. Shame on them.”

After the show, Faulkner engaged with Twitter users who had some thoughts about her comments:

Trump’s speech is already being panned by various critics since the president held off for two days before offering a speech to emphatically denounce the violence and bigotry on display.

UPDATE: 3:40 p.m. EST: Faulkner doubled-down on her remarks while filling in for Shep Smith during Fox’s 3 P.M. hour:

“My dad was fighting for our country at a time when he couldn’t drink out of a water fountain, so I come by this honestly when I say to you: this is America, more words, not fewer, but can we multitask? Can we as Americans pull together? That’s where I stand today, and I think anybody that would divide at this point is not on our side as Americans, I don’t care which party they’re from. So when you tell me the president looked like a victim – and they can play that card – that’s disturbing, all of it is disturbing, because it’s about words, about people saying…we want what is right, not how it’s being said.”

Watch above, via Fox.

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