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Harrison Ford Won’t Appear On CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, Says Host Is Fixated On “Looking For Truth”

We can forget about seeing Han Solo on the soon-to-debut Piers Morgan Tonight. According to a post on The Fan Carpet, actor Harrison Ford has nixed the idea of being a guest on Piers Morgan‘s new talk show, saying Morgan seemed to be interested in “the truth.” Horrors!

Ford made it clear he sees his role as a celebrity guest on TV as driven by one thing only: selling his movie, like the recent TV news-based Morning Glory:

(Piers Morgan)’s promoting his show as looking for the truth from his subjects…so I shall have nothing to do with him. I’m not interested in the truth, I’m interested in selling a product, if you want the truth go somewhere else.

So that really does seem to sink a Piers Morgan-Harrison Ford interview into a big old vat of carbonite.

At CNN, news of the actor’s comments about Piers Morgan as a truth-seeker have been received with great pleasure, getting distributed via Twitter by both the host, and his executive producer.

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