Harry Reid Urges TSA To ‘Wave And Say Hello’, Fox’s Neil Cavuto And Guest Are Unamused

Neil Cavuto and guest former New York City Police Department detective Bo Dietl took Nevada Senator Harry Reid to task for his comments that TSA agents should smile and say hello.

“[Janet Napolitano] can instruct everybody that works at TSA to smile and say, ‘Hello,’?” Reid told reporters Wednesday, “People who work for our government have to be able to do it with a smile on their face.”

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“The argument that they do their job better and will be more receptive to being ‘wanded,’ if they are smiling, it is creepy,” Cavuto quipped.

“The point is, when someone is patting you down you can have another inference and you have another set of problems!” Dietl cracked.

“That is your mind at work!” Cavuto joked. “I am thinking national security –you are obviously thinking Benny Hill“.

“If I pat you down I will grab your junk and smile, I don’t think you will be too happy–” Dietl threatened.

“Where are we going?” Cavuto interjected.

“My point is we have to professionalize the TSA with “stop and frisk,” police officers can go up to someone and if you are courteous you believe someone with a smile…” Dietl explained.

“You think the idea of smiling will make more difference?” Cavuto asked.

“You are into the smiling stuff,” Dietl smirked.

Watch Cavuto and Dietl react to Reid’s remarks below via Fox News:

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