‘He Has Studied Chinese’: Rep. Peter King Raises ‘Suspicion’ About NSA Leaker Snowden’s Ties To China

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) has been a vocal critic of NSA leaker Edward Snowden since the stories about surveillance first broke. That remained the case when he appeared on MSNBC on Friday afternoon, when he contended there’s “a lot of reason” to suspect Snowden’s ties to China — and questioned what the Chinese may be doing with the revealed information.

“There’s a lot of reason for suspicion,” King asserted. He went on to offer a string of said reasons and raise questions about the situation:

“First of all the fact that he transferred money to China, the fact that he has studied Chinese, the fact that his girlfriend had some connections to China. The fact that, of all the countries in the world, he went to China, and he arranged to have the papers — all his documents — released on the same weekend that President Obama was meeting with the president of China. And why is he still in China? What is Chinese intelligence doing with all this?”

He did acknowledge there’s “no definitive proof yet,” but argued it should be fully investigated… as he believed it will be.

King has been particularly harsh, recently remarking that “legal action” should be taken against Glenn Greenwald for publishing the leaks. Greenwald shot back that King’s remarks would “not going to deter me or limit me or constrain me in any way from exercising my core First Amendment rights.”

Watch below, via MSNBC:

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