‘He Is Losing People That Matter!’ Fox News Panel Goes Off After CEOs Leave Trump Councils


President Trump disbanded two advisory councils after CEOs were abandoning ship, and the panel on Fox News’ Your World got heated this afternoon on whether they were right that his Charlottesville reaction crossed a line for them.

A total of eight business leaders stepped down from the President’s manufacturing council before Trump tweeted he’s disbanding it, and that doesn’t include the other CEOs who issued condemnatory statements of their own.

Charlie Gasparino, who brought up the critical statement from JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon obtained by Fox Business, said that this “fairly unprecedented” move shows that they have genuine concern about Trump appealing to a “fringe of his base.”

Host Trish Regan said Trump could have put this to bed and “didn’t need to give any room for cover, any room at all to this group of people who do not represent what America is about.”

Trump supporter Harlan Hill said, “The President, in his defense, has repeatedly, unambiguously condemned the actions that took place in Virginia. Repeatedly. He has repeatedly condemned David Duke. What more does the mainstream media, what more do we on this panel want from him?”

Gasparino took issue with the idea that Trump “repeatedly condemned” Duke, and he and Hill clashed as Gasparino brought up Trump’s comments from just last year when he was pressed on Duke’s support.

Hill again said he’s been plenty condemnatory asked, “What do you want from him?”

Regan interjected, “Harlan, the point is he is losing people that matter!”

Brunell Donald-Kyei, a former Trump campaign diversity outreach co-chair, said the CEOs on the councils were “fair-weather friends” and it’s instructive to look at “who’s in your corner” when “times are not sweet.”

When she brought up Antifa to blast the “wrongdoing on both sides,” Gasparino said, “A Neo-Nazi killed somebody.”

He shot back that he’s not defending Antifa, but said you really can’t equate what happened on both sides, given how a human being was killed.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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