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Heated Hannity Panel Clashes Over ‘Lawlessness’ Of Obama’s Use Of Executive Power

Heated Hannity Panel Clashes Over 'Lawlessness' Of Obama...

On his show Tuesday night, Sean Hannity took aim at what he deemed President Obama‘s abuse of power. Pointing to Obama’s executive order regarding immigration, and his response to the Supreme Court’s ruling about Arizona’s immigration law, Hannity and David Limbaugh engaged in a heated segment about Obama’s “lawlessness” with Lanny Davis, who defended the administration.

“This is now a lawless administration,” Hannity said, noting that our country has separation of powers and checks and balances. Davis retorted by offering Hannity “the facts.” He said the “Supreme Court itself said let’s be cautious about enforcing this law of these reasonable stops because it’s vague, and we are only ruling on a matter of federal power, not on other constitutional grounds.” Davis and Hannity then clashed over whether or not Obama said the immigration law would not be enforced. That’s where the lawlessness comes in, Hannity argued.

Davis argued that Obama’s executive order regarding immigration was exactly what Sen. Marco Rubio had proposed — but Hannity and Limbaugh narrowed in not on the substance but the means through which Obama achieved the policy change. Limbaugh further accused Obama of dividing people based on race:

The state just wants to enforce the law, protect its borders, help the federal government enforce its own law, and Obama calls is racial profiling when this law expressly forbids it. Lanny, that’s despicable, dividing people on the basis of race like Obama.

While Davis continued to drive home his point about the justices themselves advising caution about the enforcement of Arizona’s law, Hannity and Limbaugh persisted with their argument: that Obama is abusing his power. The segment descended into the three all talking over each other, ending with Hannity advising that Davis read up on the separation of powers.

If the president “doesn’t like the law, he can change it,” he said. “But he’s got to get Congress to go along with him.”

Take a look, via Fox News:

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