Hecklers Pester President Obama During Coakley Senate Election Speech

Incessant hecklers forced President Barack Obama‘s speech to a halt in Massachusetts on Sunday, as he showed his support for Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley. It sounded more like today’s NFL playoff game than a political rally. Check out the video below!

In the run-up to Tuesday’s highly contested special Senate election, Democrats have appeared not only unsure, but flat out nervous. The latest polls have Republican Scott Brown ahead in the polls, while precedence in Massachusetts may give Democrats a glimmer of hope.

After the crowd sang a special rendition of “Happy Birthday” to First Lady Michelle Obama, the president took the stage to make his case for what would become the crucial 60th vote for Democrats in the Senate. As Obama spoke, an unintelligible man shouted from the crowd. The rally erupts in applause, possibly to drown out the disruption, or as security removed the offender. More interruptions followed. Check out the clip:

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