Heilemann Reluctantly Agrees with Hannity on Who’s to Blame if GOP Can’t Win Senate

With six days to go until the midterm elections, Bloomberg Politics’ Mark Halperin and John Heilemann have discovered a disturbing trend among America’s right-leaning pundits. “Some voices on the right seem to be grabbing their rifles in preparation for an all-too-familiar circling firing squad if Republicans end up blowing it next week,” Halperin said on With All Due Respect Wednesday.

After playing a montage of conservative pundits tempering expectations for next Tuesday, including clips of Sean Hannity, Charles Krauthammer and Bill O’Reilly, Heilemann joked, “First of all, I love all those guys, they’re all great.”

“It’s a rare moment when I find myself agreeing with Sean Hannity,” Heilemann continued, before doing just that. “The blame, I think, will go to absolutely everybody in the Republican Party who decided to try to nationalize this election around Barack Obama, if they don’t get there,” he said, referring to the goal of taking the Senate back from Democrats.

“If they lose,” he added, “they tried to make it all about Barack Obama and it was about other stuff.”

Watch video below, via Bloomberg TV:

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