Here Are Some of Your Deepest Secrets About Cable News Hosts

What are some things you wish you could say about cable news hosts, but you’d never say aloud?

For those who haven’t kept up with the fast-changing mobile app business, Whisper is an anonymous social network where people share ideas, stories, feelings, aspirations, and secrets with the world without having their identity attached. While that sounds like yet another newfangled program for the kool kidz to be edgy and fun, the app has also provided insight on social trends.

In the case of this article, it can perhaps provide some insight into how some people actually feel about various cable news personalities and networks.

For example, some Whisper users express attraction to hosts whom they should loathe for partisan reasons:

I'm a conservative but find Melissa Harris Perry incredibly sexy

I'm no Fox News, right-wing nut. But I can't get enough of Megyn Kelly.

I don't agree w anything on Fox News, but damn if their women aren't the best looking on TV.

Some Whispers mirror the partisan divide of the cable networks they discuss:

I like to go to Whole Foods and change the TV to Fox News

I refused a 2nd date with a guy bc I saw a Sean Hannity book in his house on the 1st date.

I record msnbc programs on my grandfathers Dvr. He's a strong right wing republican


Whenever my students cite Fox News on anything, I start their grade with a C and deduct from there.

Some are funny:

I wonder if Wolf Blitzer calls his bathroom "The Situation Room"

You know there is a 100% chance  That Nancy Grace has awkwardly Done the Macarena at a wedding

Some are sincere:

Sean Hannity came to my job and tipped me $150. best night ive ever worked

And some are downright creepy:

Shhhhhhhhh. Ari Melber is hosting The Last Word on MSNBC tonight. I have to go touch myself.

I masturbate to Fox News

Yeesh. Probably better left unsaid.

If you want to see more and maybe share more of your own thoughts, check out the app here.

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