Here Is Keith Olbermann’s Detailed Resume from 1979

Keith Olbermann of Fox Sports Net ESPN MSNBC Current ESPN2 released the 1979 version of his resume on Twitter Thursday night as an act of solidarity with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (who, we’re sure, appreciates the gesture).

“WORSTS: If Tom Brady can release his embarrassing 2000 resume I should release mine from 1979,” Olbermann tweeted with the scanned copy of his resume. “This was TYPED.”

Earlier in the day, Brady posted a photo of his resume from 2000 on his Facebook page, perhaps to remind his fans that he will never need an actual resume since he makes millions of dollars each year.

Olbermann’s resume includes his educational history and, curiously, his height (a very specific 6’3″ and a half an inch) and weight.

[Photo via ESPN2/screen grab]

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