Watch Kelly Ripa Try To Determine The Length Of Regis Philbin’s Penis

A recent study in Korea has been released that claims to find a correlation between the length of the index finger on a man’s right hand and the length of his penis. If the index finger is shorter than the man’s ring finger, there’s a good chance his penis may be longer.

I know what you just did. Yes, you the reader. If you are a man, upon reading the previous two sentences, you quickly looked at your own hand to see how you measure up. Don’t worry. Anyone with a penis reacts the same exact way to this news. And anyone without a penis quickly finds the nearest man to test them. That’s what Kelly Ripa did. It just so happened that, when she heard the news, she was on live tv and the nearest man was Regis Philbin.

So, how did Philbin do? Well, after checking his hand, Ripa discovered that his index finger was indeed shorter than his ring finger. Looking over the study, Philbin replied “It actually makes me feel pretty good.”

I know what you just did there too. Upon reading those last two sentences, you quickly opened up another tab on your Internet browser so you can stop imagining Regis Philbin’s penis. Again, this is a completely natural reaction.

Watch the clip from ABC below:

(h/t Gawker)

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