Here’s CNN’s Jake Tapper Quoting the ‘Immortal Words’ of Taylor Swift to Talk Cohen-Trump

In a blink and you might miss it moment on Friday’s The Lead, CNN’s Jake Tapper quoted Taylor Swift to discuss politics, or the Trump world’s most newshogging saga du jour to be more exact.

Here is what he said: “In the immortal words of Taylor Swift, ‘now we’ve got bad blood, we used to be mad love.’”

Tapper was referring to the love turned to hate relationship between former Trump fixer and confidante Michael Cohen and Trump himself.

Earlier in the week, CNN aired a tape of Cohen and Trump talking about the Karen McDougal hush money deal.

Then on Thursday, another bombshell dropped when CNN broke the news that Cohen is now claiming Trump knew about the infamous Trump Tower meeting.

Trump responded, as he often does, in a Twitter slam of Cohen, his one-time fixer friend:

Bad blood, indeed.

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