Here’s Every Story Al Jazeera Covered While CNN Blathered on About MH370


CNN made it six minutes into their 1 p.m. news hour Tuesday afternoon before turning to flight MH 370 — not bad for a network with a two-pack-a-day habit — but that was all it could muster: for the following fourteen minutes CNN breathlessly covered the latest in the search, which today meant refuting the report they broke yesterday that the plane could be “elsewhere.” Sample chyron: “Investigators refute claims plane is elsewhere.”

For contrast’s sake, here’s everything Al Jazeera America covered in that fourteen-minute span:

  • The corporations that have pulled sponsorship from the Clippers following the Donald Sterling controversy.
  • The situation in Ukraine, both Obama’s new round of sanctions and the eastern Ukrainian mayor who was shot in an assassination attempt yesterday.
  • An extended segment on the Middle East peace talks, featuring interviews with a chief Palestinian negotiator and an Israeli spokesperson.
  • An report on gunmen storming Libya’s parliament.
  • An entire commercial break.
  • An in-depth segment on today’s privacy cases in the Supreme Court, featuring interviews with expert from the Constitutional Accountability Center and a law professor from Vanderbilt University.
  • Note that AJAM managed to fit in an entire commercial break and still beat CNN’s story total 5:1. Even if you’re generous and knock off the segment on Sterling (which was how CNN spent its first six minutes), you’re still left with a 4:1 ratio.

    This is part of Mediaite’s recurring segment, “Look at all the stuff Al Jazeera can cover while CNN blathers on about a missing plane.”

    Watch the first half of Al Jazeera’s coverage below:

    [Image via screengrab]

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