Here’s How Nancy Grace Comes Up with All Those Crazy Hashtags

If your life has been suffering from a serious lack of insight into how Nancy Grace comes up with crazy hashtags for whatever she’s talking about on a given night, I have good news for you: last week Grace gave some insight into her thought process on hashtags that can range from normal to strange to off-the-wall, flippin’ crazy.

In the past, Mediaite has explained Grace’s strange use of hashtags. In fact, here’s some examples of Nancy Grace hashtags just from the past week.

And so late last week, on the air, Grace was put to the test about how she’s able to come up with such outlandish hashtags, with hypotheticals like a Norman Bates-type killer and a school bus driver selling heroin on the side.

You can watch Nancy Grace take hypothetical scenarios of horrible crimes and chisel them down to catchy hashtags below, via HLN:

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[image via screengrab]

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