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Here’s That Video Of Anderson Cooper Attempting To Carry A 37-Pound Cat You Asked For

Chances are, you think the comic strip Garfield is one of the funniest things in the world. Why wouldn’t you? I mean, anyone with a newspaper subscription and a heart loves Garfield. But did you know that feline obesity is not funny at all? It’s a serious problem. Which is why Anderson Cooper was joined today on his daytime show by Meow, a 37-pound cat who can barely walk. Because nothing says serious topic like watching a news anchor attempting to juggle a cat the size of a sack of potatoes.

Meow is a rescue cat from Santa Fe and, as the shelter worker explained, 37 pounds for a cat basically equals out to a 600-pound man. That’s horrible. You guys wouldn’t laugh at a comic strip about a horribly obese person, would you? No!…Not unless they were trying on a bathing suit. Zing, Cathy!

Anyway, you’ve got to feel for Meow. Not only is he (Yes, it’s a boy. Although Cooper had a hard time telling, likening the cat to SNL‘s Pat character) horribly unhealthy. He was also forced to make his big TV debut on a Monday. And fat cats hate Mondays!

Watch the clip below:

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