Here’s The Full 2014 FIFA World Cup TV Schedule

The 2014 FIFA World Cup kicked off on Thursday in Brazil, and with that we’re in for a month of international soccer action.

Check out the tournament’s full television schedule below, via ABC:

First Round
Thursday, June 12

4 p.m.: Brazil vs. Croatia (ESPN)

Friday, June 13
12 p.m.: Mexico vs. Cameroon (ESPN2)
3 p.m.: Spain vs. Netherlands (ESPN)
6 p.m. Chile vs. Australia (ESPN2)

Saturday, June 14
12 p.m.: Colombia vs. Greece (ABC)
3 p.m.: Uruguay vs. Costa Rica (ABC)
6 p.m.: England vs. Italy (ESPN)
9 p.m.: Ivory Coast vs. Japan (ESPN)

Sunday, June 15
12 p.m.: Switzerland vs. Ecuador (ABC)
3 p.m.: France vs. Honduras (ABC)
6 p.m.: Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina (ESPN)

Monday, June 16
12 p.m.: Germany vs. Portugal (ESPN)
3 p.m.: Iran vs. Nigeria (ESPN)
6 p.m.: Ghana vs. United States (ESPN)

Tuesday, June 17
12 p.m.: Belgium vs. Algeria (ESPN)
3 p.m.: Brazil vs. Mexico (ESPN)
6 p.m.: Russia vs. South Korea (ESPN)

Wednesday, June 18
12 p.m.: Australia vs. Netherlands (ESPN)
3 p.m.: Spain vs. Chile (ESPN)
6 p.m.: Cameroon vs. Croatia (ESPN)

Thursday, June 19
12 p.m.: Colombia vs. Ivory Coast (ESPN)
3 p.m.: Uruguay vs. England (ESPN)
6 p.m.: Japan vs. Greece (ESPN)

Friday, June 20
12 p.m.: Italy vs. Costa Rica (ESPN)
3 p.m.: Switzerland vs. France (ESPN)
6 p.m.: Honduras vs. Ecuador (ESPN)

Saturday, June 21
12 p.m.: Argentina vs. Iran (ESPN)
3 p.m.: Germany vs. Ghana (ESPN)
6 p.m.: Nigeria vs. Bosnia Herzegovina (ESPN)

Sunday, June 22
12 p.m.: Belgium vs. Russia (ABC)
3 p.m.: South Korea vs. Algeria (ABC)
6 p.m.: United States vs. Portugal (ESPN)

Monday, June 23
12 p.m.: Netherlands vs. Chile (ESPN2)
12 p.m.: Australia vs. Spain (ESPN)
4 p.m.: Croatia vs. Mexico (ESPN)
4 p.m.: Cameroon vs. Brazil (ESPN2)

Tuesday, June 24
12 p.m.: Italy vs. Uruguay (ESPN)
12 p.m.: Costa Rica vs. England (ESPN2)
4 p.m.: Japan vs. Colombia (ESPN)
4 p.m.: Greece vs. Ivory Coast (ESPN2)

Wednesday, June 25
12 p.m.: Nigeria vs. Argentina (ESPN)
12 p.m.: Bosnia Herzegovina vs. Iran (ESPN2)
4 p.m.: Ecuador vs. France (ESPN2)
4 p.m.: Honduras vs. Switzerland (ESPN)

Thursday, June 26
12 p.m.: United States vs. Germany (ESPN)
12 p.m.: Portugal vs. Ghana (ESPN2)
4 p.m.: South Korea vs. Belgium (ESPN)
4 p.m.: Algeria vs. Russia (ESPN2)

Round of 16

Saturday, June 28
12 p.m.: 1A vs. 2B (ABC)
4 p.m.: 1C vs. 2D (ABC)

Sunday, June 29
12 p.m.: 1B vs. 2A (ESPN)
4 p.m.: 1D vs. 2C (ESPN)

Monday, June 30
12 p.m.: 1E vs. 2F (ESPN)
4 p.m.: 1G vs. 2H (ESPN)

Tuesday, July 1
12 p.m.: 1F vs. 2E (ESPN)
4 p.m.: 1H vs. 2G (ESPN)


Friday, July 4
12 p.m.: Round of 16 winners (ESPN2)
4 p.m.: Round of 16 winners (ESPN)

Saturday, July 5
12 p.m.: Round of 16 winners (ABC)
4 p.m. Round of 16 winners (ESPN)


Tuesday, July 8
4 p.m.: Quarterfinal winners (ESPN)

Wednesday, July 9
4 p.m.: Quarterfinal winners (ESPN)


Saturday, July 12
4 p.m.: Semifinal losers (ESPN)

World Cup Final

Sunday, July 13
4 p.m.: Semifinal winners (ABC)

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