comScore Here’s What Fox & Friends Didn’t Tell You About High School Cancellation of ‘American Pride Day’

Here’s What Fox & Friends Didn’t Tell You About High School Cancellation of ‘American Pride Day’

Fox Nation is up in arms, and once again, the facts don’t really matter. On Monday morning, Fox and Friends viewers were greeted by the outrageous story of some high school administrator ruining things for his students by canceling their homecoming week’s “American Pride Day” celebration. Luckily, the students rose up as one and flaunted their love of America anyway, at least in Fox Nation. Check out how fill-in co-host Ainsley Earhardt checks her swing at immigrant students at the end:

Heather Nauert: “Wyoming high school students refusing to stay silent after their principal canceled America Pride Day. They canceled it over fears it would make other students feel sad or left out. Instead of going along with the principal’s plan, the students decked themselves out in red, white and blue in protest, and you guys have a lot of e-mails pouring in on this one from Wyoming. What are folks saying?”

Steve Doocy: “James says ‘It’s about time we started to stand up to these school officials who want to impose their personal agendas on students. Right on, kids.'”

Ainsley Earhardt: “And then Jeanine writes, or how do you pronounce this, Jeanne ‘What other country cancels their pride day because it might make other students feel sad? This is ridiculous and it’s getting so far out of hand that before the year 2020, we will not recognize America. That’s scary.'”

Steve Doocy: “Why would it be sad? Sad they’re in America? They’re Americans.”

Ainsley Earhardt: “If you’re an American, you better be proud to fly that flag. The red, white and blue, so many people fought for our country, and including our grandparents. It’s ridiculous. If you don’t want to be here…”

Steve Doocy: “They’re living the American dream.”

This report raises some very important questions, not the least of which is why would some high school principal would ignore the wishes of his students, and cancel their America Pride Day, or American Pride Day, or whatever it is?

Well, first of all, it wasn’t exactly a cancellation. Although the school has held an America-themed day in the past, the themes for this year never included it. That’s just a technicality, though. With support for the theme so overwhelming, how could the principal just bend to the PC whims of liberal academia?

As it turns out, the support for America Day was only overwhelming if you overlook Roman orgy garb and, well, Wyoming orgy garb. The school sent around a survey to students, and here were the results:

The results of the survey are as follows: 1 Toga/Pajama Day 2 Lumberjack Day 3 America Day 4 School Spirit day (orange and black) 5 College Day 6 Decades Day 7 Cowboy Day 8 Sports Day.

So, the students love America almost as much as they love dressing up for Porn Career Day. Even so, why did the school strip the students of their third choice? Here’s their explanation (emphasis mine):

The JHHS student council and JHHS administration selected days to ensure support of TCSD’s goal of ensuring everyone has a safe, caring, and healthy environment. America Day had many personal student comments about why that day was uncomfortable for some students. In an effort to compromise on the title of a day, and to meet district goals, a conversation with JHHS student council leaders and JHHS administration discussed alternative ways to name the day “Patriot Day” or “Heritage Day” to be inclusive. Both of these days were declined by JHHS Student Council leaders. This was a great learning opportunity for students to hear the opinions of others, to voice their own opinion and to learn about how to dissent appropriately. We will continue to provide and participate in civil, constructive, and problem solving discourse at JHHS in both the classroom and school activities. It is important to note, that on any given day, students are welcome to celebrate their national pride and heritage.

The duly elected student council leaders, then, are the ones who put the kibosh on the day, not the administrators.

What happened next was a rather weak social media campaign to mount a “protest,” by doing exactly what the school said students were welcome to do. The “Protest” was quickly picked up on by a local reporter:

The response to the campaign was apparently rather fierce among vocal parents, but less so with the students. A handful of them got dressed up for America Pride Day, but that was enough to make local news, which, in turn, led to outrage coverage in the conservative media. Guess who the villain there turned out to be:

The potentially “excluded” students would mostly be Mexican immigrants.

The Jackson Hole High 2015-16 school profile webpage and other Teton district webpages offer the opportunity to translate text into a single alternative language: Spanish.

Jackson Hole High activities director (and assistant principal) Mike Hansen said he favored canceling “America Pride Day” because some students may not feel American and, thus, could feel “targeted and singled out by this day.”

Ahem: if you choose to come to this country, get used to national pride. Get citizenship and join in, as so many immigrants have done over our history. If you are offended or feel excluded, feel free to leave.

It was the dirty Hispanics! There’s just one problem with that. According to the same local website that hyped the protest, the students at the school voted three-to-one against “America Day,” and since Jackson is 80% white, that means a whole lot of white kids voted against it. Maybe they just had an intuition that their fellow ‘Murica-worshipers might celebrate the day by rollin’ coal in the parking lot, or maybe they just figured that every day is America Day, because it is. Either way, it all worked out fine. The students got what they wanted, and everyone who wanted to got to wear America stuff anyway. At least, that’s how it went down outside of Fox Nation.


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