Here’s What Happens When You Get on Grindr at CPAC

As the Republican Party continues its reputation for being anti-gay marriage and generally stuck in the 1950s when it comes to gender and sex issues, it gets harder and harder to deny the existence of young gay conservatives looking to change that.

One of the old jokes/clichés about CPAC is that you can check Craigslist and find lots of closeted men in town for the conference, all willing to get frisky while not publicly declaring themselves gay for fear of being ostracized. Now that the gay hookup ap Grindr has become a serious force in the social media world, Reason TV decided to experiment with it while at CPAC.

Using the app, host Paul Detrick found several gay conservative attendees to talk about the GOP’s social policies, and the future (if any) for gay people in the conservative movement. The results are sometimes sad: A few of the subjects declined to show their face on-camera to protect themselves and their closest associates.

Others were proud and defiant: “For conservatives, if they are going to be able to win an election, they are going to need to get younger voters,” said one man. “And to do that they need to be more socially liberal. Essentially, they need to shift libertarian.”

Watch the full below, via Reason TV:

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