Here’s Why the Democrats’ Gun Control Sit-In Isn’t Being Broadcast on C-SPAN


Last week, lots of political junkies were glued to C-SPAN due to Chris Murphy‘s gun control filibuster. But the Democrats’ House sit-in on gun control today isn’t being broadcast on CSPAN:

Now, you’re probably wondering why C-SPAN isn’t covering this big event happening in Congress. Well, a recess was declared earlier, so the cameras were turned off, and that’s not something C-SPAN has control over:

So basically, the House majority controls the cameras. (And for the record, the Democrats did this to the Republicans in 2008.) Paul Ryan is saying that House Democrats are violating the rules of the House.

So C-SPAN’s coverage (clipped below) has been interesting, to say the least. They showed footage from the House floor announcing the sit-in before the recess was called, showed some tweets from members of Congress, and eventually just brought the focus to the Democrats speaking outside Congress about the sit-in.

One House Democrat is Periscoping live from the floor, and you can watch here.

You can watch above what C-SPAN did cover before they called recess (the moment where they call the recess is at the 8:10 mark).

UPDATE –– 3:02 pm EST: As of this posting, C-SPAN is currently broadcasting the Periscope video. That has never happened before.

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