Herman Cain Diagnoses Bill de Blasio With ‘New York-itis’: He Thinks He’s ‘the Center of the Universe’

Herman Cain does not approve of New York mayor Bill de Blasio‘s decision to run for president. In fact, he has a name for the mayor’s line of thinking: “New York-itis.”

During a panel discussion on Watters’ World with host Jesse Watters and Mike Huckabee on Saturday, Cain laid out his reasons for why people don’t like de Blasio.

“I believe that Mayor de Blasio will avoid Iowa. He will get crucified if he tries to go to Iowa talking about his Meatless Mondays,” Cain said. “And worse, killing babies after they are born.”

Then he said this: “Here is what I believe Mayor de Blasio suffers from: New York-itis.  New York-itis is where they believe that they are the center of the universe and that everybody agrees with them. As Governor Huckabee said, he has succeeded at uniting the rest of the nation because the rest of the nation absolutely does not agree with him and he is under the delusion that he represents the thoughts of the rest of America, and he clearly does not.”

Watters then said he hoped he didn’t have any of the New York-itis rubbing off on him.

Cain promised to “pull him back” if he ever started acting “stupid” like de Blasio, and other New York-itis sufferers do.

Watch above, via Fox News

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