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‘Herman Cain’ Explains Why He Dropped Out Of The Race On SNL

Given that Herman Cain announced that he was suspending his presidential campaign late this week, it was inevitable that he would make an appearance on Saturday Night Live to explain himself. He denied that the allegations of his affair with Ginger White were true, then clarified that he and Ms. White were “friends,” and did normal friend stuff, like exchange money for no reason. He illustrated this point by giving Seth Meyers some money and then admonishing “Now, you know that money ain’t free…”

Cain was appalled that these rumors and allegations were keeping him from living a free and happy life as a presidential candidate, and took some time to address the ladies: rather than “bending for the media, why don’t you bend for Herman Cain?…There are so many women out there who are still ready to get on the Cain Train.” When Meyers pointed out that this might be perceived as offensive, Cain countered that “all of the haters out there should get down on their knees, open their up mouths wide, and say ‘Thank God for what’s in front of me!'”

You can see the full sketch below via NBC:

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