Herman Cain Keeps 999 Alive By Announcing ‘Cain’s Revolution Solution’ Bus Tour

Herman Cain may have been the second 2012 Republican candidate to drop out of the race (after Tim Pawlenty), and he may be forgotten in some respects, but he sure isn’t gone. In fact, Herman Cain may be coming to a town near you before you even know it! Cain appeared on tonight’s Hannity to handicap the race post-Iowa (and yes, he wishes he could have been there) but, more importantly, he had an important announcement to make: he bought himself a bus.

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The “Cain’s Solutions Revolution” tour is kicking off sometime next month, the former candidate told O’Reilly, and it’s main goal is to “keep 9-9-9 alive.” For those with a particularly fleeting short-term memory, “9-9-9” was Herman Cain’s tax plan, who some suggested was filched from the game “Sim City.” The announcement also comes on the cusp of the launch of “,” which is not what it sounds like, but actually a site through which Cain will keep in touch with supporters and update on the bus tour.

Given that he was going on a bus tour, Hannity took the opportunity to ask whether Cain was endorsing anyway. Yes, he said– he was endorsing whoever ended up being the Republican nominee, and no one a day before it became clear who that would be.

Cain’s “big announcement” via Fox News below:

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