Herman Cain on the GOP Tax Plan: ‘It’s Not 9-9-9 But It’s Fine, Fine, Fine’


It sure sounds like former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is on board with the GOP tax plan.

With Republicans now apparently securing the votes needed to pass their weeping tax reform bill, the House and Senate are both expected to vote on the plan next week and it is expected to his President Trump’s desk by Christmas. During an appearance on Fox & Friends this morning, Cain referenced the tax proposal that briefly propelled him to frontrunner status in the 2012 GOP primary when praising the current bill.

“It’s not 9-9-9 but its fine, fine, fine,” he declared, to chuckles from the hosts.

As you may recall, Cain pushed his 9-9-9 plan during his presidential run, calling on on an elimination of payroll, capital gains and estate taxes in exchange for 9% taxes on business transactions, personal income and sales. Cain’s run as president was derailed by numerous allegations of sexual harassment, leading to him dropping out in December 2011.

After adding that there were a lot of “moving parts” to the Republican proposal, he said he felt it was “still a good plan” because the GOP “got all of the big issues right.” He further noted that he believed that job creators and businesses scored a “big win.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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