Herman Cain: ‘Race Card Is Now A Joke’ Played By Obama Supporters Who Can’t Defend His Record

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain spoke with Greta Van Susteren last night about the failed state of the debt negotiations and offered up some strategies for what he would do differently. He also had a message for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (who recently suggested race is behind the debt ceiling battle with Obama): Cain knows racism, and disagreeing with Obama over the debt ceiling certainly isn’t it.

Cain elaborated:

“I know racism when I see it. . . . [Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee] is playing the race card, like they do, when they can’t defend this President’s record. So they go to the race card, or they go to the class warfare card and that’s all that she is doing. The race card is now a joke, because a lot of American people have figured it out.”

Instead Cain says quite simply that Obama is just wrong and “it has nothing to do with race.” As an African American conservative, Cain is in a unique position to call out such claims of racism, and also able to go full throttle with criticism of Obama on other fronts. Since Cain suggests Obama is “using scare tactics to try and force a decision or force a result that the American people don’t want,” he ultimately predicts there will be a stalemate in Washington. Something if he were President, that he never would have allowed to happen.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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