Herman Cain: Sexual Misconduct Accusations ‘Had Nothing to Do’ With Dropping Fed Nomination


After dropping out of consideration for Federal Reserve Board, Herman Cain appeared on Fox News tonight to claim that the sexual misconduct accusations leveled against him did not impact his decision to turn down President Donald Trump‘s nomination.

“Those accusations had nothing to do with my decision,” he told Sean Hannity tonight — referencing the harassment accusations that arose during his 2012 campaign for president, including an allegation from 2011 that he settled, which ultimately forced him out of the race.

“My decision was driven by one thing. During phase one of this process — collecting all the information, and also finding out from administration staffers the things that I could and could not do,” the former GOP candidate said. “When I started to look at the list of things that I could not do, that is like taking a stallion, keeping him in the stable, and not let him run.”

He continued:

“I couldn’t do the things that I enjoy. I enjoy the new voice, I enjoy my show, I enjoy speaking, I enjoy my website, I enjoy working with people, and most importantly, Sean, just like you, I enjoy educating people about the power of capitalism and how socialism has never worked since the history of man. If I had become the federal reserve governor, I would have been limited in terms of what I could talk about and tell people the truth, whereas, in this environment, I am unlimited in being able to say what I want, when I want, to whomever if I want when it comes to the truth.”

Hannity replied by noting he has known Cain for “many years” and his comments are all “true.”

In a post published today, Cain said his decision was heavily impacted by a “pay cut” he would be forced to take if he accepted the position.

“Let’s just say I’m pretty confident that if your boss told you to take a similar pay cut, you’d tell him where to go,” he wrote, as he would not be allowed to serve on boards, perform paid speeches, and appear on the radio and Fox Business.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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