Herman Cain Unconsciously Renames Wolf Blitzer ‘Blitz’ During Debate

While tonight’s Republican foreign policy debate on CNN was dense with complex issues and serious threats, the candidates delivered several light-hearted moments when the spotlight diverted them, one particularly involving the moderator. Answering a question about how he would reform the TSA, Herman Cain, deep in thought, countered a retort with “No Blitz, that’s oversimplifying it!” Yes, he was talking to Wolf Blitzer.

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Answering whether he was in favor of profiling, Cain responded that he favored “targeted identification… if you take a look at the people who are trying to kill us.” He believed privatization was one possible option for the TSA, but he didn’t want to fully eliminate the Patriot Act for fear of “throw[ing] out the baby with the bathwater.” In response to Blitzer’s follow-up, Cain responded, “No, Blitz, that’s oversimplifying it!” The crowd laughed, though Cain didn’t notice and continued his answer, until stopping after sometime, halfway, turning to Blitzer and saying, “I’m sorry Blitz– I meant Wolf!” “Blitz,” for his part, responded by calling the candidate, simply, “Cain.”

The segment via CNN below:

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