Hero Or Traitor? Donald Trump Goes After ‘Grandstander’ NSA Leaker Edward Snowden On Fox

Donald Trump made his Monday morning phone call to Fox & Friends this week, largely discussing the news story of the moment: NSA surveillance and Edward Snowden, the man who leaked the information about it. While Trump and the hosts expressed concern about the extent of the surveillance, Trump quickly dismissed Snowden as a “bad guy” and “grandstander.”

“Hero or traitor?” Fox & Friends asked.

“I don’t think you have any winners here,” Trump argued. “I didn’t like him. To me, he looks like a grandstander. … At the same time, I mean, that’s a lot of information that people are getting, and that our government is getting. … Where does it stop? It’s a mess.”

Gretchen Carlson had an additional concern: that Snowden and this debate will created divisiveness in the country or “infighting.” At a loss for an answer, Trump noted his strong stance on fighting against terrorism, but asserted that the government is being “far, far too evasive.”

As the Trump and the hosts talked about trust in the government — and whether there is any — Trump also argued that leaks of this nature harm our relationships with other countries. “How are they going to trust us anymore?” he asked.

While the whole situation is a mess with few answers, Trump reiterated his earlier point. Snowden, he said, “is a bad guy.”

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