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‘He’s Winning In Florida?’: CNN Anchor Questions RNC Spox Saying Trump Is Ahead

sean-spicer-cnn-bermaneditedDuring a heated and contentious interview with CNN’s John Berman and Kate Bolduan, RNC communications director Sean Spicer insisted that the race for the White House was a “dead heat” and said that Republican nominee Donald Trump was ahead in several key battleground states.

After CNN played a clip of Trump speaking to voters and telling them not to believe the “dark polls,” Berman and Bolduan brought on Spicer to discuss the state of the race with about two weeks left until Election Day. They noted that Trump campaign manager acknowledged yesterday that the campaign is behind right now, so they wanted to know what the truth is.

Per Spicer, the whole thing is even and many polls show Trump is trending up. The spokesperson pointed out a recent national poll from IBD that shows a tied race to justify his belief that it is a dead heat. At that point, Berman interrupted him, saying that they are now getting three narratives — Trump is winning, Trump is behind and now Trump is tied.

Bolduan jumped in to push Spicer to take a side since they had just showed Trump saying that he is winning right now. The Republican strategist then said that Trump was right because he’s winning the state he is currently in, which is Florida.

“He’s winning in Florida,” Berman asked. “Absolutely,” Spicer responded. When Berman questioned by how much, Spicer answered that it was by a “few points.”

To bolster his claim, Spicer noted that absentee voting shows Republicans with an advantage in Florida as of today. However, as Adam Smith of the Tampa Bay Times pointed out, the GOP is only up by 1.7 points in party mail-in votes. At this same point in 2012, Mitt Romney was up by five, and ended up losing the state by three.

Also, per the Real Clear Politics polling average, Hillary Clinton is currently leading Trump by 3.8 points with the last five polls showing her up.

Watch the interview above, via CNN.

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