Hey, The Five, Way To Steal Our (Semi) Original Idea, Jerks! (UPDATE)


Well, it was bound to happen eventually. After a month and a half of getting content from Fox News’ The Five (and we’ve gotten some doozies), they finally took some content from us. During a segment on today’s show, they totally ripped off our “GOP candidates as adorable children” slideshow from this morning, used the same exact pictures, and didn’t even give us a hat tip. We here are absolutely furious. I mean, come on, guys. You work in a visual medium. You could literally have tipped a hat. (UPDATE below)

This is so typical. Big time TV shows think they can just liberally steal from the little Internet and no one will care. Well, I say enough is enough!

And, yes, we do realize that we are a website that spends some of our time aggregating news stories and clips of other people’s content. And, yes, we do realize that the idea of putting up pictures of famous people as children is an old idea. And, yes, we do realize that…

…ok, maybe we don’t have the strongest leg to stand on. But still! You used the same exact pictures! Do you have any idea how long it took us to go on Google Image Search to find them?! A while! We kept getting distracted reading Steve Jobs tributes!

And, you know what, we’re still pissed off that you never gave us credit for coining the “crazy uncle” nickname for Beckel! We said that first, darn it!

So, basically, all we’re asking is that you spend one little segment tomorrow giving us a heartfelt apology. It’s not like you tons of other content that needs airing. I mean, everyone knows it’s a slow news day when blogs post a bunch of silly slideshows. And everyone knows it’s a really slow news day when TV shows start running them.

Watch the blatant example of theft from Fox News below:

UPDATE (8/26): On the next day’s show, The Five gave a very nice apology for not giving Mediaite credit for the idea, thus ruining our chance to get a giant cross-media feud. Stupid, classy show. Fight us!

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